How to Get Better Engagement with a Business Blog

In short:

  • social media presence matters
  • start blogging to get more leads
  • engaging in content marketing is a game-changer
Finger making a click.

Most businesses have caught onto the fact that social media is the place to be. However, not nearly enough have understood that a new playground means new rules. 

Here’s an unfortunate, yet frequent scenario: 

You enthusiastically arranged for your company’s forgotten Facebook page to get revived with a few posts. These online bloggers keep telling you to get your company under the eyes of as many consumers as possible. The sooner, the better. 

But then surprise – not even a few weeks into your initiative and you find out people are actually unfollowing your page. 

You would have learned a hard lesson – simply being active on social media platforms isn’t going to cut it anymore. Why? Because other companies have taken it to the next level, and if you want to stay in the race, you’ll have to catch up with them fast. 

Making every single post going on your socials about what it is you’re selling demonstrates a lack of understanding of audience engagement. 

You want to grow your business, right? Well, catering to potential leads has a very different look than the nurturing of your existing audience. And even those whose interest you’ve caught could very easily reach the point of oversaturation if every day you tell them about the same 5 products using slightly different templates.

The business blog – how to do it successfully

Don’t let your business be the metaphorical only-talks-about-themselves-person at the party. We all know how much others stick around those individuals.


Relax, no one’s saying that. Although, there are some pretty nifty content marketing tricks that involve seemingly shining the light on your competitors only to really point it to yourself. 

But until you feel comfortable doing that, show your audience content that would make them want to return to your page now and again. 

A simple way to do that?

Make your expertise available to your followers.

Instant messaging apps.

If you want your potential leads to commit to your business or introduce others to it, this is a great way to do it. 

Start easy: 

Think of one topic to cover – maybe you can get inspired by taking a look at whatever service or product you’ve got some good reviews on lately – then think of a few points you’d like to share that are not already on your website. Come on, now, those they have seen already. 

Tell them about something they will be able to: 

  • accomplish 
  • improve
  • avoid 

Well, you or someone who’s got some serious writing skills; because as opposed to a real-life conversation your readers can easily dip out of this interaction the second they encounter any difficulties with it.  

Put out marketable content.

Statistics chart.

On top of this, you, or whoever does the writing part should be dedicated to only putting out content that makes sense and brings some sort of value

Having whatever posts that have not been thoroughly thought out go live just to keep up with a posting schedule is something that your audience will see through soon enough. 

They’ll forgive you once or twice if you’re lucky. If not, you’ve already piqued their interest on the topic, so they’ll go check out what your competitors have to say on the matter. And you better pray they won’t come back in your comments and tell the rest of your followers about how much better of a job competitor X is doing on their platforms. 

You get it, don’t you? You’ve been running a business yourself or maybe you intend to – you know people are not going to commit to you unless you’re offering them something of value. 

Extend that mentality to your company blog. Tone it down with self-promotion and spare your followers airy content whose only clear point is a call-to-action (CTA) that lacks a solid foundation. 

No one’s going to want to “check this out”, “subscribe here”, or “contact” you unless you’ve given them good reasons to do so. 

Admit it, you’d do the same.

Blog in your industry competitively.

Silhouette speaking to a faceless crowd.

Yeah, but blogging is just not for any industry out there.

To this I say – are you really going to wait for your direct competitor to start producing content first? 

In a way, it’s an understandable reaction. 

Because you’re so deep into the routine of your business, you might have lost sight of the captivating things about it. They’re there. They’re what you tell your spouse at home without getting into the nitty-gritty they would neither get, nor care much about. 

If you run a business, you have at least enough knowledge to share with those who don’t yet run one of their own. So even if you think it’s debatable to think of yourself as an expert, to those who are not where you are at, you’re just that.

Put in some consistent effort with your blog posts, and before you know it, you won’t have to rely on promotional email newsletters or invest in PPC ads to grow your business anymore.

Blogging and SEO

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