Entrepreneur with a Blog? 3 No Joke DON’Ts

In short:

  • Start your blog sooner rather than later
  • Blog content matters but not exclusively
  • Target audience when you write
Website elements zoomed in.

Shall I start a blog, shall I not? 

I mean I have all these insights I could share, but who would really listen to me? 

What if I can’t even tell the story like I would want to tell it? 

We’ve all been there, so let’s cut to the chase and get out of the analysis paralysis. The sooner, the better.

Shall I start a blog? 

Do it

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, chances are you’re already doing it in a less defined way. Like when you amaze your friends with the latest business ideas that have been running through your mind during a friendly get together. 

Take all that to your online blog. The worst that could happen is you enlarge the group of like-minded people that could pitch in to make your current and future visions a reality. Boo-hoo.

I have all these insights I could share, but who would really listen to me? 

Everyone who’s asking themselves this question will listen to you

And there are plenty of us out here. This is how humanity has been able to evolve. Hunter-gather A has looked to hunter-gatherer B to see what they are doing for survival and did it better. 

Hunter-gatherer C blogged about it. 😅 

Yeah, you’re not going to be the first one to blog within your field of interest. But doesn’t it just rub you the wrong way when you see some airy posts getting an increasing follower count? 

Get your word out there and welcome the misguided curious eyes when they finally arrive at your online doorstep. They would have probably done it sooner if you would have too.

What if I can’t even tell the story like I would want to tell it? 

Who exactly would catch on to that other than you? 

Realistically speaking, nobody. Such worry is only legitimate if you reframe it a bit: 

I’d need to be constantly looking for ways to improve my blog

Now, we’re talking. But the simple fact that you’re here makes it safe to assume that you’re already on it. 

Consume as much information as possible about how to blog properly but do it with a critical eye. Laugh at nonsense, add or extract bits and pieces to better your specific blogging approach, and then show everyone how it’s done.

But just before you get to work, let’s rehash these 3 blogging mistakes to avoid so that they are fresh in your mind:

Blog content focus only

Woman writing at a desk.

You would have probably heard it in the expression “Content is king.” 

That’s it. No whys or hows addressed because why would it be thoroughly explained when it can just mindlessly be regurgitated to an audience desperate to do right by their blog.

Blog content is important, no argument there, but to focus solely on it would mean for you to only put effort into one part of the whole blogging process. So let’s clear it up once and for all:

Content [as important as it is] represents merely one stage of your blog. 


  • keeps visitors interested once they have discovered your online space
  • supports the building of a following
  • offers insights into your knowledge, thus legitimizing your expertise

Blog for everybody

Inquiring woman.

A blog for all is a blog for none. 

What you’re aiming at here is to target audiences in a way that would work for your business. To do this, imagine having a conversation with your ideal blog reader. What kind of language would you use during the interaction? That’s how your blog should sound. If you’re going to be able to recognize your ideal reader in the visitors that click on your posts, you’ve done the job right. 

You don’t want to get stuck on a few keywords that undeniably bring traffic to your blog but none of which could turn into a potential lead or subscriber. 

Say you’re selling your art pieces online. 

✔️Some self-proclaimed SEO guru told you to use sales-related keywords as it is a wide net and it’ll bring in the eyes.

✔️Many of which will hurriedly click away since it is not what they were looking for in the first place.

✔️It’s not their fault you’ve used keywords that don’t support the content.

🤦You got played.

💡You got the traffic the SEO guru promised you, indeed, but it’s neither a long term solution nor gratifying one.


Imagine how you’d speak to an interested person in real life and use that exact language to build your online community. 

Post a blog every day

A watch and a pen side by side.

This one is not exactly a no-no. 

If you have something of value that you can pack in a nice structure routinely, then, by all means, the more wisdom gets shared the better. But if you can’t do that, what you do end up doing is flooding your followers with content that isn’t top-notch. And if it isn’t top-notch, why are you wasting their time with it? 

What you can do if you notice that your readership likes to stay engaged with your content is offer it in a variety of formulas. Don’t feel like you necessarily have to deliver a 1k blog per day. Instead, experiment outside long-form content. Create shorter posts to boost your social media presence.


Here’s why:

  • Google requires long-form content for indexing 
  • Social media posts have poor searchable value 
  • Social media is well… for social interaction online

Now that we’ve got these out of the way, there’s not much standing in between you and your next killer blog post, is it? Let’s do this.💪

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