Entrepreneur Cringe – 3 Email Scenarios We All Dread

In short:

  • decipher online trends and prosper 
  • there’s not enough email talk
  • email situations that have us wanting the adult in the room to save us

Food, water, email. Today’s primal survival kit. You might have chuckled at this statement, but only a bit. 

On second thought, you can actually see it, can’t you? It has been clear to you for quite a while now that nurturing your online persona carries real potential to increase your overall livelihood. 

We’re past merely surfing the web stage. Not to say that we don’t do that anymore, just that we’ve seen the greater possibilities beyond it. 

You might be able to point at someone in your social circle who absolutely refused to get on any social media platforms as they were popping up. 

Eventually, they did – either because they still wanted to be a part of your friend group’s conversation, which has steadily moved on to Facebook Messenger or because their company’s marketing department has schooled them into the benefits of using social media. 

Online trends fade – or do they?

Person typing on a laptop.
Photo by Sergey Zolkin 

If we’ve witnessed anything with certainty is that hurried assumptions along the lines of “it’s not real life,” “I’m too busy for it,” “it’s for the kids,” “it ain’t going anywhere” have been swiftly demolished with a force that turned the heads of all the smart entrepreneurs. 

You thought your teenage daughter was quick to jump on that TikTok app you keep seeing everywhere? All the brands were there long before she joined putting out content consumers like her would enjoy and share with their friends, and their friends with their friends, all the while they are polishing their approaches for prospecting. 

Listen, if you’re one of those businesses that kept away from Facebook, and regretted it, then was reluctant to put out some tweets on Twitter to closely feel the pulse of their audience and once again felt like they made a wrong move, but somehow moved to TikTok in a flash, congrats! 

You have the chance to show what you’ve learned in the time you’ve missed the previous social media momentums. You know what timing and preparation can do for a business, and they represent about ⅔ of what you constantly need to be on the lookout for to make sure you do the most for your company.


No, it won’t. In fact, it’ll make complete sense to you, and chances are you’ll be nodding in agreement and maybe mutter an “of course” as you read along. 

Side note: I don’t know what these bloggers with click-bait titles are thinking. 🙄

The audiences they go for won’t give them more than a click, which is ultimately what they are after, so mission accomplished for them. 

But what they fail to see is the fool me once, shame on you situation they are putting their visitors through. Yes, I just switched from audience to visitors precisely to drive my point – these bloggers are ultimately blogging for clicks, not for an audience. 

I do wonder sometimes just what it is they manage to build with so many unpredictable, uneducated, and unreliable clicks. I’m willing to bet that after the click frenzy quiets down, and refreshing their statistics page isn’t stretching out their grin anymore, they probably wonder that too.

So what about the ⅓?

Well, actually, it’s email. 

Will email go away?

Person scrolling through emails on the phone.
Thanks to Yogas Design 

Plain, old, boring email. The thing every internet-using adult has to have at this point; and it really wouldn’t be far-fetched to think of it as the more than worthy equivalent of a phone number. 

If your work is heavily based on the online medium and you can manage your day-to-day tasks without using email, then what other miracles are you capable of and what are your business hours? The rest of us would like a word with you on the matter.

The rest of us, you see, regularly refresh our email inboxes because we have to. Not that we’re always particularly excited to do so. In fact, raise your hand if you happen to have fun writing emails now and then, even accidentally. No one? I guessed so. 

Emailing has become so second nature at this point that it’s easy to understand why nobody really takes the time to explore the experience anymore. And most of us who constantly keep an eye on that inbox would say it’s for the best to tune it out as much as possible. 

Why? So glad you asked.

Because there are times, and those are not nearly as rare as they should be in which you can’t tell for sure if you’re emailing or losing bits of your sanity, if you should just pack it up and quit the internet for good, or if some cameras are about to bust through your doors and let you know you’ve been pranked.

Email like a boss – for everyone’s sake

Without further ado, here are the top 3 email scenarios that have email users take deep breaths, clench their jaws, roll their eyes, and think of quitting their jobs a few times a week. 

Correction – many, many times a week.

1. The un-tech savvy person

They were probably the last ones to join the email trend, and you can tell. 

If they still write e-mail like this, then it’s confirmed.

Remember when you’ve first asked them to forward that other email they said had all the info you needed? And then you asked a second time, and a third, and then you had to stop to explain to them what “reply all” means? All while telling the good-natured part of you they’re not actually yelling at you, and they are writing in all caps because… well, surely, they have a reason for that too.

2. The uncultivated superior

It’s been 15 minutes and you’re still not sure if you’ve read those 5 lines of text correctly. 

You’ve got so many things to do, but you’ve been specifically asked to take good care of this client. Lucky you. 

You can’t even decide where to start deciphering. 

The unusual typos? 

The nonexistent punctuation? 

The short, vague replies to your carefully thought-out questions? 

I’ve thought of those to make it easy for YOU! 😤

There, there, we’ve all been there. 

3. Overused phrases

I hope this email finds you well

Let’s touch base

Looking forward to hearing from you

Are you lazy if you’re not bothered by any of those? 

Do you have too much time on your hands if you are? 

Truth be told sprinkling these in your emails is most likely not about you. In fact, you’re probably just doing what everyone else is doing. 

No one is really stopping you from coming up with better-fitted, more creative ways of expressing yourself, so with this one, more than with the previous 2 ones you have the power to make it less dreadful. 

It’s never too late for an email revolution and realistically speaking who else better to start it than the entrepreneur who has just about had it with the way things currently work?

Looking forward to – no.

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