Why Is It important to Be Curious?

When it comes down to it, we’re a bunch of curious creatures doing curious things. 

It’s a simplistic and heavily dependent on perspective view, but it still poses the question: 

Why be curious?

Monkey figure on the ground.

Evolution, i.e. the very thing that’s got us all here, would tell you that the sequence of events leading to you scanning this text is nothing more than a set of examples of human curiosity. 

Way to go, everyone!

Without any sort of exaggeration, thus, we can think of curiosity as a way to perpetuate our species

Need might have been there first, but it’s still curiosity that deserves the credit for us getting better at survival.

Mental clarity and unruly life

Woman holding her face with both hands.

Here’s a statement we can all agree on – life is not an easy thing. In fact, it’s probably the one constant source of confusion engulfing all our years on this planet. 

We’ve seen life being ugly and unfair, and it isn’t always easy keeping it all at a distance to stoically continue refining our hustles. 

More often than not, it hits closer to home and we end up creating misery for ourselves. 

And when you’re the main culprit, mental clarity is even more challenging to find.

Can self-improvement be boosted by an economic world?

People pulling money out of their wallets.

It certainly doesn’t help that a great deal of what the economic world has to offer is based on marketing strategies solely crafted to turn our fears and insecurities into profits. 

How much trust can you realistically put in a world that has created markets so you can conveniently deal with your journey of self-improvement

People have answers for sale. 

They know how to get you closer to your dream or your ultimate success milestone. 

They understand your circumstances better than you do yourself. 

For a fee, of course. 

And from the obvious con artists to the subtly manipulative, you get quite the taste of human creativity provided you have the budget to be given the time of the day.

But if any industry out there were able to successfully solve self-improvement issues, we wouldn’t really have self-help experts with increasingly fatter bank accounts, now would we? 

Be more focused to be more curious

Man reading a book at a desk.

Not to make a dramatic statement, but it pretty much looks like we’re on our own. 

It seems to me like the only way to make it against these odds is by learning how to stay focused. 

However, in a world ready to profit off of everything you’re lacking, most of the time, such a task looks and feels entirely impossible to accomplish.

So then the obvious question must be asked: 

Are we doomed to chase answers to issues without solutions?

In all fairness, we’ve all been playing a part in setting some unattainable standards, perhaps not realizing we’re feeding systems that have no concerns for the things that actually matter in life.

Because the world we live in has become a primarily economic world (I’d love to hear the con arguments on this one) in which everything has been turned into a commodity, the actual value generators in our lives are constantly pushed in the background. 

One such thing is curiosity.

Survival, history, curiosity

Rubik's cube on top of a worn out book.

The benefits of curiosity go way beyond our desire to figure out how to be more interesting in life. 

Humans are way past being born into a blank canvas world. Since we are infants we inherit the accomplishments of all the generations before us. 

And if there’s something our collective history can prove is that we know how to be creative. 

From architecture to ways of living, to languages, one generation always conquers what their forefathers could not

The impossible, when looked at it this way, seems only a matter of time.

At the same time, however, we’re inevitably passed on tons of issues. 

How come we have to deal with the same problems our ancestors had? 

As mentioned at the beginning of this piece, chances are very specific groups are profiting off of the active prevention of finding solutions to these problems. 

History also sheds light, perhaps more than on any other aspect of life, on how humans constantly engage in less than humane acts towards their fellows rarely for solid, justifiable reasons. 

You’re handed the tools for progress for sure, but your shoulders are also weighed down with all this responsibility

This is where learning how to be focused comes in handy. 

Be creative in life, see what happens

People discussing new ideas.

We’re also not born and raised in equal circumstances, so as we navigate our path, we are given, or voluntarily take on different levels of responsibility. 

And, implicitly, the strain and mental toll that come with it. None have an attached manual, but dare I say that’s a good thing. 

Copying what the previous generations did wouldn’t lead us very far. 

How could following the rules of different times help us be successful today? 

Studying and adapting them? Sure. Getting ourselves stuck in a loop? Absolutely not.

We have to learn to be creative because it’s our only way to make sense and come on top of what our ancestors have left us. 

So as thankful as we are for the discoveries they’ve made, we must respectfully not believe that they have already found all the answers. 

That’s how you take the power away from creativity and curiosity – by making people believe that there already are definitive answers out there. 

Looking at you, consumerism. 🧐

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